Don’t forget that this first version is a work in progress beta version. You might be facing issues to run it, it might not parse the results correctly, etc. If you have any issue with it, please leave a comment here.

To close the application, use the “Exit” button and wait for the application to exit. If you have not started it with the user interface (-ui) type “exit”. It will still finish to parse the pages which are already in progress but it will not start any new task. Shutdown of the application usually takes few seconds but can take up to a minute. You can also “Force” the application to exit. This will tell the application exit as soon as all HTTP requests are done. If servers contacted are very flow, this can still take some time.

DistParser v0.0.9b February 6th 2013
DistParser v0.0.8b January 29th 2013
DistParser v0.0.7b August 7th 2012 (Removed)
DistParser v0.0.6b July 18th 2012 (Removed)
DistParser v0.0.5b June 20th 2012 (Removed)
DistParser v0.0.4b (Removed)

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